Wall & Space

Transforming European Cities with Urban Art

(…is a) non-profit-Organisation based in Halle (Saale) in Germany. Wall&Space builds up an international network consisting of scientists, artists, urban planners and cultural organisations, which researches and experiments on the usage of vertical surfaces (walls) to improve the life on horizontal surfaces (ground).

The main goals of Wall&Space are:

1. Helping humans to express personalities and identities by using and teaching arts and cultures. This includes projects of civic-driven urban development, urban education and urban art.

2. Science and Knowledge exchange to realize unconditional participation for kids, youngsters and grown-ups with and without disabilities in public spaces.

3. Connect and spread forms of arts, culture and participation for humans with and without disablitities in public spaces.

4. Support the production of arts and cultures with a strong connection to public and urban spaces.

5. Establish urban education as a fixed part of cultural education. Classic methodologies from cultural education as theater, film, music etc. are used as part of our cultural-artistic practices to contribute to expressions of personalities.

Statute of the Wall & Space e.V.

… ist ein gemeinnütziger Verein mit Sitz in Halle (Saale) in Deutschland. Wall&Space baut langfristig ein Netzwerk aus Wissenschaftler_innen, Künstler_innen, Stadtplaner_innen und Kulturorganisationen auf, welches die Nutzung von vertikalen Flächen erforscht und mit ihnen experimentiert, um das Leben auf horizontalen Flächen zu verbessern.

Ziele des Wall&Space sind:

1. Mit kulturell-künstlerischen Mitteln zur Persönlichkeitsentfaltung von Menschen beizutragen. Hierzu zählen Projekte der bürgerschaftlichen Stadtentwicklung, der Urbanen Bildung/des Urbanen Lernens und der Urbanen Kunst.

2. Forschung und Wissenstransfer, wie Städte auf der ganzen Welt Kindern, Jugendlichen und Erwachsenen mit und ohne Behinderung Teilhabe am öffentlichen Raum ermöglichen.

3. Vernetzung und Verbreitung von Kunst-, Kultur- und Beteiligungsformen für Menschen mit und ohne Behinderung in öffentlichen Räumen.

4.Förderung von Kunst- und Kulturschaffenden mit Stadtraum-Bezug.

5. Urbanes Lernen als festen Bestandteil von kultureller Bildung zu etablieren. Methoden aus der klassischen kulturellen Bildung, wie Theater, Musik, Film, etc. werden genutzt und gehören zum Vereinsmethodenrepertoire der kulturell-künstlerischen Mitteln, die zur Persönlichkeitsentfaltung von Menschen beitragen.

Satzung des Wall & Space e.V.


A concept for public art in Halle-Neustadt

For more information visit: freiraumgalerie.com/urban-development

Artlantic Wall

Common European Cultural Landscape



Being built by the Nazis between 1942 and 1944, the Atlantic Wall is a 5000 km long line of bunkers along the Atlantic coast, stretching over 6 countries: Norway, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and France. There has been attempts to remove the bunkers, but the substance is too strong. They remain as an abandoned relict of World War II, influencing the beautiful Atlantic landscape with some brutalist architecture

Several sociocultural and artistic organisations temporarily occupy and collectively transform this mostly neglected ensemble of war architecture – the Atlantic Wall. Galleries, museums, interactive spots for painting (urban art) and culture will be set up, as well as temporary theatre or stages to encourage the political as well as collective reflection and utopian thinking. The transformation of the bunkers is about conserving and highlighting heritage and history for the public, creating common narratives, but also about finding new utilisations and creative ways referring to contemporary challenges of migration, of Europe as a union and international relations. In the long term, the Atlantic Wall is to become a transnational common good – a collectively managed international, educational and cultural landscape that aims to encourage people to join in from all over Europe to collectively create a just future.


Wall&Space Congress 2017

Planning Urban Art

The first Wall&Space Kongress took place in Halle (Saale), from the 22nd until 26th of October 2017. 20 international participants from 7 countries work on concepts and ideas, to support the usage of murals in the urban space – or to abolish it.



Teilnehmer / Participants

Surname Name Profession Organisation Country
Di Maggio Luca Artist Freelance Italy
Halle Danilo Artist/Project Manager Freiraumgalerie Germany
Lepetit Maelle Booking Urban Art Esch Luxemburg
Holtemann Jan Cultural Activist noroomgallery Germany
Souza Angela Cultural Activist Urban Creativity Portugal
Morariu Sergio Cultural Activist Freelance Romania
Sroka Basia Cultural Manager Monumental Arts Poland
Phommahaxay Alisa Gallerist Alisa Gallery France
Mattmüller Roland Geographer Freiraumgalerie Germany
Seno Antonio Mostra Collaterale Colletivo Boca Italy
Caro Maria Mostra Collaterale Colletivo Boca Italy
Retterath Gerrit Economist KolorKubes Germany
Dietze Thomas Project Manager IBUG Germany
Pertsinidi Myrto Project Manager Jugend & Kulturprojekt e.V. Greece/Germany
Kattner Jakob Project Manager Calle Libre Austria
Mrsic Klara Project Manager Boombarstick Kroatia
Hinger Markus Project Manager Urban Art Now Netherlands
Feher Viktor Project Manager Streetart Communication Slovakia
Bisto Lubos Project Manager Streetart Communication Slovakia
Schorr Björn Researcher Freelance Germany
Dutra Anselmo Researcher Freelance Great Britain
Hilmer Christopher Scientist RWTH Aachen Germany
Soares Neves Pedro Scientist Urban Creativity Portugal
Abarca Javier Scientist Freelance Spain
Treihse Ina Urban Education Freiraumgalerie Germany
von Busse Hendryk Urban Planner Freiraumgalerie Germany
Lütgert Christiane Urban Planner Municipality Germany
Besser Jens Artist Artist Germany