Wall & Space e.V.

Who we are

We are an interdisciplinary team striving to make the world more colorful. We are convinced that the city is for everyone. Our actions activate, support and strengthen local people. We are a Halle city official of children and youth work.

What we do

Our work combines urban art and urban culture with education. We aspire to strengthen social cohesion and bring people together across generations. We use public space in our actions, because it is there for everyone and it’s where we can reach anyone – with workshops, interventions, lectures and concepts. 

How we work

We work at eye level: with young and older participants, with network partners, with artists, with funding bodies, with each other as a team – locally, regionally and internationally – and with you!


“Urban Seats” Street Furniture

Conception and realization of a workshop lasting several days with children and young people to design a piece of street furniture according to their wishes. The result is a 6×2.5 m wooden seating sculpture with different seating and reclining areas.

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Photography, performance, digital image editing and a final artistic treatment of one's own portrait were the focus of BeamerHacks in Halle-Neustadt.

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With CityHacks, we want to empower young people to make their urban environment more livable with small creative changes. In this way, they playfully learn to participate in social processes and experience self-efficacy.

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Stadtgeschichten / City Stories

City Stories is a storytelling game. It consists of 33 cards that show the city and how people live together. In a group of players of all ages, you discover your city from many different perspectives while playing. City Stories invites you to tell and listen. Let's play!

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With kids from the neighborhood, we made a disco curtain out of old CDs. Sitting in the public space, we worked with the CDs together, while listening to the music of the participants via their cell phones and a jukebox. As a highlight, at the end of the workshop, we hung up the disco curtains and danced together.

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Conception and execution of a creative approach of district development in the city of Magdeburg.

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Beyond Plattenbau

60 Jahre Halle-Neustadt 2024! Bewohnerinnen und Bewohner teilen ihre Sicht auf die Stadt und gestalten eine Ausstellung.

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Ecken entdecken

Städte erkunden, Abenteuer erleben: Ecken entdecken! Ecken entdecken ist das interaktive Stadtspiel mit mehr als 70 Aktionen für neue Perspektiven.

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A concept for art in public space in Halle-Neustadt, focussing on monumental murals that create identification with the district, its artistic history and urban society. In contrast to festivalized and arbitrary murals, ha:neo focuses on relevant artworks, intensive involvement of the artists, and creative participation formats.

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Blockparty Am Treff

Im November 2023 kamen Initiativen und Bewohner:innen zu einem gemeinsamen Straßenfest zusammen. Unter dem Titel Blockparty gab es ein buntes Programm und Angebot Am Treff in Halle-Neustadt.

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“SchuBeBaKo” Street Furniture

"SchuBeBaKo'' is an acronym of a very German word-formation that literally translates to wheelbarrow-flowerbed-bench-combination. They are mobile elements to quickly increase the quality of stay. Building and setting up the "SchuBeBaKos'' in public spaces breaks with the perception of such space as something passive and inflexible.

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Wonderful Women Wall

A monument to women and their achievements. The goal of the wall paintings is to make the stories, life plans and social contributions of women visible. In doing so, we encourage people to learn more about the women's biographies and their ideas and give them more appreciation.

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