“SchuBeBaKo” Street Furniture

“SchuBeBaKo” is an acronym of a very German word-formation that literally translates to wheelbarrow-flowerbed-bench-combination. They are mobile elements to quickly increase the quality of stay. Building and setting up the “SchuBeBaKos” in public spaces breaks with the perception of such space as something passive and inflexible.

We brought ten complete  “SchuBeBakos” to Magdeburg and built another ten within three days together with passers-by. In our open-air workshop in the middle of the pedestrian zone, interested citizens were invited to try out our prefabricated modular system themselves or simply watch the production of the mobile seating furniture and talk to us about it.

From June 12 to July 12, 2020, the Freiraumlabor took place in Magdeburg. The state capital tested new approaches of an innovative inner city revitalization to strengthen the Breite Weg pedestrian zone as a meeting and communication space. The finished “SchuBeBaKos” are combinable, robust and aesthetic. You can set them up individually or group them into seating islands. They are a recurring element in the pedestrian zone, inviting people to linger. Their DIY aesthetics accentuate the character of the Freiraumlabor project.