Conception and execution of a creative approach of district development in the city of Magdeburg.

The place Ambrosiusplatz is located in the Sudenburg district of Magdeburg, which is often referred to with a wink as the “Sudenbronx”. Although Sudenburg is only 10 minutes by tram from the popular district “Hasselbachplatz”, with beautiful old buildings and affordable rents, with many shops and an attractive micro-kiez flair, it is rather not chosen as favorite place to live and go out. The district is very diverse; many people of different origins, newcomers, families and students live there together.
One project goal was to revitalize the district, to bring people together, to increase the quality of stay of Ambrosiusplatz and to support a positive change in image.

The 39112PopUp project took place on two Saturdays in July 2021 and was committed to making the potential of Ambrosiusplatz visible

Ambrosiusplatz is in the center of the district Sudenburg with the Ambrosiuskirche as its main sight. A large part of the church’s outer facade is already glowing in the freshly renovated light limestone, the front main area was still completely scaffolded at the time of the event.
The first Saturday took place under the motto URBAN ART, with a stencil and graffiti workshop, works of art were exhibited on the building fence of the church, presented by an local art collective. At the second Saturday, the motto were URBAN GREEN and URBAN SPORT! We played urban boules on turf, table tennis and urban yoga and you could as well learn how to do seed bombs and exchange favorite plants with other people from the neighborhood

The two outer sides of the square were optically connected with pennant chains and a large sun-shade was used against the sun as well as a focal point. The program was expanded by small, creative hands-on activities for all age groups, music and cake. Due to the eye-catching design of the square many people came by chance and spend their Saturday with us.Many people were very enthusiastic and asked when the 39112PopUp series will continue and would like to participate as a volunteer. That’s how we love it!


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The project was financed by the cultural office of the state capital Magdeburg.