Stadtgeschichten / City Stories

City Stories is a storytelling game. It consists of 33 cards that show the city and how people live together. In a group of players of all ages, you discover your city from many different perspectives while playing. City Stories invites you to tell and listen. Let’s play!

What is going on in other people’s heads when they walk through the city? What are their favorite places, places where they feel uncomfortable and places where many memories come up? With the game “City Stories” you will quickly get into conversation with others. Whether in the work team, at the beginning of the team meeting or at the retreat. Whether in the city planning office, in the multi-generation house or at an educational institution. Whether in the small or large family circle or simply with friends. The 33 colorful cards inspire people to talk about living together in the city.

There are various ways to use the playing cards. Two game suggestions are explained in the enclosed booklet, but the cards can also be used simply as colorful inspiration.

Both young people and senior citizens were actively involved in the development of the game. The selection of the pictures on the cards and their, as well as the game logic, therefore took place across generations and appealed to many.

The game was developed as part of a project funded by Beqisa, the advisory office for municipal neighborhood development in Saxony-Anhalt.

Concept: Amt für Wunschentwicklung and Wall & Space e.V.

Design: Amt für Wunschentwicklung. Amt für Wunschentwicklung is a collective for mediation and design.

A big thank you also goes to photographer Yvonne Most, who took the wonderful product photos.

The storytelling game is in line with our association’s purpose with and through creative methods to empower people to consciously perceive and co-create urban space.

We would also be very happy to come and embed the game into a workshop around the theme of “discovering the city”.

The game is available from us for 40 Euros, including 7% VAT plus shipping costs. The first edition is limited to 50 copies.

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