Artlantic Wall

8000 bunkers remain on the European atlantic coastline as an abandoned relic of World War II. The artistic transformation of these bunkers is about conserving heritage and history for the public, creating common narratives, but also about finding creative ways of dealing with contemporary challenges of migration, of Europe as a union and international relations.

ARTlantic Wall is a european network along the atlantic coast, which transforms the bunkers of the former Atlantic Wall with artistic and cultural action. By doing this, ARTlantic Wall aims to trigger awareness for the european history during WWII but also discussions and actions to work with urgent sociocultural and ecological challenges along the european coastline – today and in the future. Founded in 2019, ARTlantic Wall realized two artistic projects on bunkers in Norway and Belgium. The network is joined and supported by museums, artist, spatial planners and cultural foundations from Norway to France. The vision of ARTlantic Wall is to find common creative strategies to transform the bunkers into a vivid, open and tolerant european cultural landscape.